Paddle / Platform Tennis

Platform Tennis (aka "Paddle") has been around forever at MVHPC, as we were one of the first to bring the game to Ohio in 1957.  We're a member of the American Platform Tennis Association, and open for Club Members and Non-Members alike.

MVHPC has thriving men's and women's leagues that pull talent from across the Dayton area.  Our continued growth has propelled significant investments and improvements to the paddle complex over the last few years. 

Our focus as a paddle complex is to offer a more approachable / relaxed paddle option, welcoming new membership to our paddle complex and the broader MVHPC through solid relationships.  Regardless of your previous experience, we have players of all skill and age levels, all looking for some exercise and good comradery.

Interested in giving paddle a try?  We've got paddles, we've got balls, shoot us an email and come on out already!

Our Courts

We have 2 elevated Platform tennis courts that have recently been resurfaced.  Both courts have heating elements under them, to ensure play resumes throughout the wintry conditions.  Our courts meet APTA regulations.

Our Warming Hut and Viewing Decks

You want character?  This warming hut has it in spades!  The centerpiece of this haven is a woodburning stove that keeps the chill at bay in the coldest of nights.  The hut features many creature comforts including a sound system to keep the beats rollin', a flat screen TV to broadcast the premium sports action of the day, a kegerator and fridge combo to ensure dehydration doesn't set in, and enough chairs and table surfaces to satisfy a large group.

In addition, decks wrap around the hut, providing exterior viewing and socializing options.

Our Leagues and Seasons

The structure of our leagues are more relaxed.  While we do manage nights to ensure efficient usage of the complex, we prefer to let those scheduled for the night create their own matchups.  We don't keep track of wins / losses, but seek skill improvement and comradery as a group, highlighted with tournaments at the end of each season.  This ensures good socialization across the groups, while providing ample opportunity for players to rapidly increase their skills in preparation for tournament time (when the gloves come off).

Men's Seasons are as follows:

  • Pre-Season October -  FREE open socials on Wednesday and Thursday nights, all guests are welcome.   
  • Winter League November through March - Regular scheduled play on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights.   
    • In addition, the winter league includes Saturday morning socials, an intercity match with DCC, and an end of season tournament
  • Spring League April through Early July (or until it gets to hot) -  Regular scheduled play on Wednesday and Thursday nights.  

Women's Seasons are as follows:

  • Pre-Season October - Free open socials on Tuesday nights, all guests are welcome.  
  • Winter League November through TBD - Regular scheduled play on Tuesday nights.  

Co-Ed / Partners Social Play (NEW in 2022):

  • Pre-Season October - Free open socials on Sunday afternoons 1-3pm, all guests are welcome.  
  • Regular Season November through TBD - Social play on Sunday afternoons 1-3pm.

League Fee Structure

  • Pre-Season - FREE - This is your chance to come and give it a try, for free.  Invite friends and family while you're at it. 
  • Winter Leagues
    • If you are an MVHPC Full Member, the league fee is $75
    • If you are a Non-Member, the league fee is $250
  • Spring Leagues
    • If you are an MVHPC Full Member, the league fee is $25
    • If you are a Non-Member but played in a Winter League, the fee is $50
    • If you are a Non-Member and did not play in the Winter League, the fee is $75
  • Co-Ed / Partners Social Play - If you are a member of the men's or women's league, Sunday social play is included free as part of those league fees.  If you aren't a member of the men's or women's league, normal league fees apply.


We're a local oasis for recharging throughout the year, throughout all life stages

Think of us as “a family focused year-round social club with a pool, forged with volunteerism”

(937) 949-9443

2465 Keystone Club Drive

Dayton, Ohio 45439

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